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We create purpose-driven apparel for your active lifestyle. Better clothing and accessories through innovative product design, progressive materials, and dynamic sizing options.
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  • "They are fun! Great for sweaty classes when we are doing arm balances to prevent the slip and slide!"
    Joan Hyman Senior Teacher, YogaWorks
  • "Amazing and sexy. Guroo Sleeves give me grip and edge to float, balance and deepen my practice with proper form."
    Marxel Léobez Power Instructor, CorePower Yoga LA
  • "The compression Guroo Sleeves provide almost acts as 'support beams' for your arms, giving you a strong and comforting wrap around the muscles which make everything feel sturdier."
    Erica Majtenyi Vinyasa Flow & Power Yoga Instructor
Guroo Active creates performance accessories and active wear for athletics and exercise. Guroo Sleeves are the first accessory to be made in the company’s product suite, and have been created to solve the issue of slipping in yoga because of sweat. We hatched the idea in a yoga class while observing a former athlete on the US Junior National Gymnastics Team and a natural yogi - his sweat would make it almost impossible to hold even a basic crow pose after only 10 minutes into the class. To size men’s shirts we used a focus group of guys to figure out that we needed to offer active wear t-shirts in various torso lengths and eliminate blousiness in back. Guroo Active will continue to use intuition and purpose to build clothing for your active lifestyle. ... Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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